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Peak Harvest Times for Your Backyard Crops

Peak Harvest Times for Your Backyard Crops

Harvest the very best flavors from your summer garden by recognizing the clues each crop gives when it’s prime for picking. Originally posted on Better Homes & Gardens, August 2017. Not sure when is the right time to pick your vegetables? We’ve got you covered. Harvesting your fruits and vegetables is simple when you know…

How To Create A Statement Ceiling


  Originally posted on Realty Times by Jaymi Naciri on July 16, 2017. Are things looking up in your home? How about people? If there’s nothing to draw their eye up, you may be missing out on a great decorating opportunity. Today, the ceiling is being called the “fifth wall,” and it’s a great place to…

All About Hue: Optimal Colors for Every Room in Your House

Experts say some shades work better than others in certain spaces. Here’s why. Originally posted on Houzz by Jenny Mason on July 9, 2017. When choosing which color to paint a room, most of us first consider our favorite shades or the ones we believe work aesthetically. Here’s another consideration to throw into the mix: the…

The Heat is On

The Heat is On

Well, we begged for it all winter, we said, “I can’t wait for summer”, we thought of all the awesome outdoor things we would do when we would no longer be slaves to the snow and ice. Now summer is here and you probably won’t catch me outside for longer than it takes to get…

Eye on the Future

Eye on the Future

Original content from the National Association of REALTORS®, posted on the Washington Post The suburbs as we know them are in flux. Many of the country’s bedroom communities have traditionally been known for their single-family homes and a lack of walkable public spaces. That’s changing as condos, sprawling townhome complexes and apartment buildings now dot areas…

There’s no place like home.

Summer is upon us and it’s a great time for new beginnings…well, I know that technically that’s a spring thing, but bear with me. I’ve got some exciting new things to announce… Check Out the New Website! I thought it was high time I offer my clients and friends a better online experience with a…

FHFA: Home prices jump 6.4% annual in February

Home prices increased in February, as several reports already showed. The latest report, put out by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, uses home sales price information from mortgages sold to, or guaranteed by the GSEs, and therefore excludes cash sales and jumbo loans. Topics  

Color Helps Zone an Open-Plan Space (10 photos)

When you have an open space, it can be difficult to divide the area into adult zones and child-friendly spots, but that’s exactly what Simone Gordon of Owl Design did. An addition helped open up the ground floor of this four-bedroom house in England, whose owners wanted to create a modern space where… Houzz Galleries