The Eminent Domain Situation in Downtown Omaha

This has been a hot topic recently, not just for Omaha real estate, but everyone seems to be interested in the outcome of this story.

Here’s a quick recap: 

This week, the Omaha Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission voted to recommend approval of local landmark status for a downtown building that the Douglas County Board is considering demolishing to clear the way for a new justice center and parking garage. The current building is proposed to be appropriated from the current owner via eminent domain. Get more details here.

After much to-do from the building owner, Bob Perrin, and his new found supporters, the Douglas County Attorney has ruled that the juvenile justice center meetings will be held publicly.

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How Much Space Do You Need?

Even as our families are getting smaller than those of previous generations, our homes are getting larger. How much of this space do we actually need? Taking time to consider your answer is a great place to start when considering a new home. According to the NYTimes:
“The size of the average household has shrunk to 2.58 people, but 47% of new homes have four or more bedrooms, and 38% of them have three bathrooms or more.”
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A Surprising Average…

After looking at a few sources that hovered around the same range, it looks like the average American’s credit score looms around the high 600s. Many people are surprised at just how high this seems to be. For instance, according to Credit Sesame:
“With a conventional loan that is backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, the minimum score required is set at 620. But the lowest credit score to buy a house with an FHA loan is 580.”
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Going to Dundee Days?

We have a new office in Dundee and we’d love for you to stop by! Join the party in Dundee August 25th. We’re having an open house at our new location in the old Beer and Loathing building, right smack dab in the heart of Dundee!