Homeowner Tax Breaks

  • The interest on a home equity loan or home equity line of credit can also be deducted when you file your taxes.
  • The total amount of your state and local property taxes is deductible from your federal tax filing.
  • Rental property owners are able to deduct the cost of repairs and improvements made to that rental space.
  • You may be able to deduct costs for a home office space on your itemized tax return.




5 Reasons To Refer Me

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A Little About Midtown’s History

Midtown Omaha property values have on a whole consistently improved over the past four years.The City of Omaha’s efforts at revitalization through economic development, rising gas prices and Midtown Omaha’s close proximity to large employers have all played an important role in the Midtown Omaha’s appreciating home values. (Source: Wikipedia)





Will I Get Asking Price?

Yup! This is a really exciting time to list. Inventory is low, and demand is high. Sellers are getting 98% of the listed price on average right now. But…there’s always a “but” right? The listing price has to be reasonable. What I mean by that, is you have to consider your real estate professional’s advice. They have insights into the local market, they can study comparable sales, and they have the experience to set the most accurate listing prices to ensure a good ROI and get your listing sold in a timely manner.

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